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varietyLast post 05 Jul 06, 15:13
a variety of accessories are available Ist es korrekt, variety als Plural zu sehen, oder ver…2 Replies
low-variety / high-varietyLast post 19 Dec 11, 01:05
Participants tended to choose low-variety sets when picking the next song after the current …2 Replies
variety - SorteLast post 23 Apr 06, 13:41
"he wrote about thirty-eight plays, a collection of sonnets, and a variety of other poems" …2 Replies
More variety vs bigger varietyLast post 14 Nov 11, 07:03
Wie sagt man's richtig im Englischen? Habe schon gegoogelt, aber bin noch nicht von "more" u…2 Replies
variety programLast post 23 Apr 07, 19:10
News, domestically-made variety programmes, comedies and game shows dominate the peak-time T…1 Replies
plenty varietyLast post 17 Nov 08, 21:14
Thus, the modern and functional fair grounds is juxtaposed with the historic old town,the sp…1 Replies
expanding varietyLast post 02 Nov 07, 09:53
..the UFO was on an expanding variety; was clearly visible and was sighted by another aircra…1 Replies
variety meatLast post 13 Sep 06, 11:51
http://www.slate.com/id/2099281/ Though animal brains, intestines, hearts, and other "variet…3 Replies
variety showLast post 21 Feb 17, 18:35
"One of the things that I watched (on TV, as a child) was a series of these things called va…6 Replies
garden varietyLast post 19 Feb 13, 13:01
And since we're talking about force, a word here about sockets: You'll find that six-point s…4 Replies

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