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Asti, ASTM, Avast, bast, cast, Cast, East, east, Fast, fast, Last, last, Mast, mast, oast, past, vase, VAT, vat, vest Ast, AStA, Asti, ASTM, Bast, fast, Gast, Hast, Last, Mast, Rast, Vase, Vati

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vast - opposites wantedLast post 10 Apr 08, 15:31
Hallo, ist das Wort "small" ein angemessenes opposite für das Wort "vast" oder eher garnicht?11 Replies
Vast array of colours Last post 27 Mar 09, 12:02
Vast array of colours1 Replies
vast sea of informationLast post 26 Dec 11, 20:51
In the age of the Internet, in a vast sea of information with many companies vying for atten…6 Replies
lopsided world of vast privilegeLast post 23 Jun 12, 07:40
"They are a bright spot in this lopsided world of vast privilege,hoarded by the billionaires…3 Replies
raise vast sums from the marketsLast post 30 Jan 11, 23:31
Bond yields are spiking in an ever broader group of countries, just as the euro zone’s gover…7 Replies
China's combination of a vast population...Last post 06 Jan 13, 22:15
"Bangladesh has its own challenges to overcome. China's combination of a vast population of …5 Replies
das weite Meer - vast/wide seaLast post 25 Apr 12, 22:24
Also das habe ich bei Google gefunden. Hat "wide" eher etwas mit der Breite des Meeres zu tu…2 Replies
pinpoint of evidence in a vast enterpriseLast post 27 Nov 07, 10:57
Kompletter Satz mit Link: One week before the shaky Annapolis meeting, the al-Dura affair s…2 Replies
breites technisches Fachwissen - vast technical knowledge/expertiseLast post 02 Mar 06, 16:22
Your vast technical knowledge was key to the success of this project. Is 'vast' the right tr…2 Replies
Its principles are vast, yet interconnected via conceptional threadsLast post 26 Oct 09, 23:14
Its principles are vast, yet interconnected via conceptional threads This relates to te Fel…5 Replies

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