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Virgil, virion Virgil, Virion

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virgin honey - JungfernscheibenhonigLast post 26 Feb 07, 14:07
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&p=/oHL..&search=Jungfernscheibenhonig Bin da durch >Zufall 3 Replies
virgin - alkoholfreiLast post 03 Jun 06, 20:22
"Don't forget. Mine [my cocktail] needs to be virgin bacause I'm pregnant."; "Virgin Margari…1 Replies
He's still a virgin. - Er ist noch unschuldig. Last post 18 Jun 15, 18:49
Davon abgesehen, dass die Gleichsetzung von Schuld = sexuelle Erfahrung recht veraltet ist, …34 Replies
virginLast post 13 Jun 10, 03:40
I'm a virgin I know there are a few for this, but I've not yet found what I'm after. How wo…11 Replies
adoration of the Virgin Mary - MarienverehrungLast post 08 Jun 14, 23:38
--- 3. Die Verehrung der Jungfrau Maria ist ein bevorzugtes Mittel, »daß wir Christus vollko…5 Replies
virgin alley - BrautgangLast post 20 Apr 11, 11:45
Es geht um den "Gang" bei Hochzeiten, durch den die Braut zum Altar schreitet. Ist die Übers…7 Replies
Virgin of Mercy - die SchutzmantelmadonnaLast post 17 Jun 15, 19:26
The Virgin of Mercy is a subject in Christian Art,[1] showing a group of people sheltering fo0 Replies
virgin rainforestLast post 19 Sep 08, 08:54
Can Money Grow on Trees? also reports from the Iwokrama reserve in Guyana, 370,000 hectares …2 Replies
virgin rubberLast post 13 Nov 08, 13:29
Virgin rubber issustainable as it is derived from trees, and the manufacture ofsynthetic rub…7 Replies
virgin gradesLast post 27 Aug 08, 12:23
Many board mills are imposing higher prices (between 8-15%) affecting both recycled and **vi…2 Replies