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batterLast post 23 Apr 22, 15:51
"The (wasabi) leaves can be battered and deep-fried into chips." http://www.experiencefesti…11 Replies
batter boardsLast post 01 Jan 07, 20:35
Baubeschreibung Nicht im Vertragspreis enthalten: - batter boards Als ein Punkt, der nicht i…3 Replies
Batter up!Last post 14 Nov 07, 12:25
Oh, oh! Batter up! Here comes another! Bedeutet batter up so viel wie "Pass auf!", "Gib ach…1 Replies
batter puddingLast post 23 Mar 16, 18:34
Überschrift eines Kochrezepts: "Cherry batter pudding" Das Gericht besteht aus einem flüssi…41 Replies
batter eyesLast post 02 Dec 10, 21:51
"Hi," the little girl said shyly. She shrugged her shoulders coyly and might have battered h…10 Replies
pitcher, batter, outfielderLast post 02 Dec 08, 17:50 Gibt es für diese drei Po…4 Replies
batter vs doughLast post 24 Feb 11, 15:53
Are batter and dough synonyms, I mean does it matter if I say a "cake batter" or a cake doug…10 Replies
divide the batterLast post 10 Aug 11, 20:34
Divide the batter evenly among the prepared wells, filling them about 1/4" to the rim of the…2 Replies
dough vs. batter (Teig)Last post 22 Dec 19, 23:46
Gibt es einen Unterschied? Ich weiß zufällig, daß es auf Schwedisch zwei Wörter gibt: deg (e…40 Replies
what's a batter mix ?Last post 27 Aug 09, 16:55 make a huge batter mix and avoid making the batter for each individual loaf...9 Replies

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