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Letztgenannt - Latter vs. the latterLast post 22 Apr 12, 17:26
"they grow quickly and in a more unorchestrated way than earlier sites. The reason for latte…3 Replies
of the latterLast post 12 Sep 09, 22:36
In the 17th century, the Puritans split up into the Presbyterians and the Congregationalists…5 Replies
latterLast post 02 Jan 13, 14:48
The main difference between tha playa-environment and coastal sabkhas is the contribution of…3 Replies
"the latter"-- still used?Last post 18 Jan 10, 17:29
Right now I'm working on a research project for history class and I was going to start a sen…2 Replies
'the latter' bei AufzählungLast post 13 Jul 13, 17:24
Hallo, ich hätte eine Frage zu "the latter". Häufig wird dieser Ausdruck verwendet, wenn ma…2 Replies
latter-day - modernLast post 28 Feb 14, 20:03
Pope Francis suggested the congregation study the latter-day relevance of a decree by the 16…3 Replies
latter dimensionLast post 13 Mar 08, 15:24
An intermediated system fares better in the latter dimension.3 Replies
latter creationLast post 23 Jan 18, 13:11
The transfer includes the following modes of exploitation:the right to include all or part…4 Replies
latter - letzerer (von dreien)Last post 20 Jan 06, 16:04
we know that architectural elements, sculptures and also pieces of minor art, such as terrac…3 Replies
former/latter - erstegenannter/letzgenannterLast post 28 Mar 11, 10:45
“One approach to understand these differences is to differentiate between vertical and horiz…5 Replies