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Political correctnessLast post 26 Nov 05, 23:39
Is it still acceptable to use the expression'Dark Continent'in English? 'Schwarzer Kontinent…5 Replies
health-correctnessLast post 12 Jun 06, 12:55
health-correctness has become the main gastronomic class-divider Habt ihr eine Übersetzungsi…1 Replies
Grammatical correctnessLast post 20 Jan 09, 09:02
Hi all, Is this sentence grammatically correct? "We have agreed on a rough 50:50 split of …5 Replies
procedural correctnessLast post 03 Jun 09, 13:50
Good governance should follow certain procedural correctness which should permit: -negotiati…1 Replies
Political CorrectnessLast post 31 Jan 08, 13:19
I'm back off to my hotel shortly (with no internet access :( ) but just to keep those of you…23 Replies
Political CorrectnessLast post 23 Dec 11, 20:56
A piece of wisdom: "Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogica…300 Replies
Political CorrectnessLast post 05 Feb 10, 16:32
I would be interested to hear of concrete examples of presumed political correctness stiflin…42 Replies
PC, Political correctnessLast post 09 May 07, 12:22
is there a nice german term for political correctness, or to be politically correct?4 Replies
Anspruch auf political correctnessLast post 19 Oct 08, 16:26
Heißt das - claim for - claim of - requirement for - requirement of political correctness?7 Replies
Political correctness in RomanenLast post 18 Aug 15, 13:12
Hallo, ich habe gerade mit Kollegen darüber diskutiert, dass die ganzen Astrid-Lindgren-Bü…52 Replies

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