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dimished responsibility - verringerte ZurechnungsfähigkeitLast post 27 Oct 08, 14:14
> sollte das nicht eher "Verantwortlichkeit" heißen, denn Zurechnungsfähigkeit ist doch "sanit3 Replies
provide responsibilityLast post 01 Mar 14, 10:13
Hallo, es geht um eine englischsprachige Bewerbung (AE), die ich korrekturlese. Hier steht …2 Replies
responsibility and accountability Last post 02 Jul 10, 10:50
Ich habe im Moment Probleme den UNterschied zwischen responsibility and accountability zu er…3 Replies
profit and loss responsibility (P&L responsibility) - ErgebnisverantwortungLast post 28 Jun 06, 13:49
Each CEO has full P&L responsibility and is ultimately responsible for the opening and/or cl…1 Replies
criminal responsibility = kriminelle VerantwortungLast post 29 Jun 15, 01:53
'Greece’s prime minister has said the International Monetary Fund has “criminal responsibility”19 Replies
Assistant of Corporate Social Responsibility - Assistant of Corporate Social ResponsibilityLast post 13 Mar 08, 08:28
oder: Assistant CSR? oder: Assistant in CSR?1 Replies
der Unterschied zwischen "accountability" und "responsibility"Last post 27 Sep 06, 00:32
What is the difference between "accountability" and "responsibility" ??? Was ist der Untersc…3 Replies
Accountability & responsibilityLast post 10 Apr 07, 10:09
das ist eine Unter - Überschrifft: 3.2.1 Accountability & responsibility Ich war immer der An1 Replies
professional responsibilityLast post 19 Mar 07, 16:13
"what are the professional responsibilities of lawyers?"1 Replies
responsibility-insuranceLast post 08 Feb 07, 17:21
Not included in the price of this voyage: -responsibility-insurance Wat is denn das fuer ne…3 Replies