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bull, CALL, call, Call, caul, cell, cill, cully, culm, cult, curl, dull, full, gull, Hull, hull, lull, mull, null, pull, Pull, scull Call, Mull, Null, null

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to cull - keulenLast post 10 Jan 06, 14:15
BBC Q&A bird flu I think the translation of "keulen" for "to cull" and vice versa ought to …8 Replies
cullLast post 28 Mar 07, 16:36
he puts his jacket around her shivering shoulders, fetches a cup of tea. The kindly touch, t…2 Replies
to cull - pflücken, auslesen,Last post 02 Feb 04, 15:08
Langenscheidt Headline in Financial Times: "Poultry culling urged"6 Replies
first cullLast post 26 Sep 08, 09:46
Homepage imatch Moin, ich habe den Begriff "First cull" auf einer Homepage zur Software im…3 Replies
to cull out - auswählenLast post 22 Nov 09, 14:56
The two continental theologians Fesko culls out for comparative analysis are John Calvin and…1 Replies
job cull - Job-KahlschlagLast post 17 Nov 08, 18:25
Citigroup job cull to hit 75,000. Citigroup is trying to combat the effects of the credit …0 Replies
career-change cullLast post 27 Feb 07, 09:10
Willo had never been entirely sure why he had been the one who survived the inevitable c.-ch…0 Replies
first cullLast post 26 Sep 08, 09:50
First cull Moin, ich habe den Begriff "First cull" auf einer Homepage zur Software imatch …5 Replies
cull and kill - schlachten und tötenLast post 15 Apr 14, 20:18
Danish zoo that culled giraffe kills family of lions http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-2…6 Replies
Cull from the heard.Last post 07 Apr 05, 13:19
It does seem like they’re culling from the proverbial herd. Ist das ein Sprichwort? Wie könn…5 Replies