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aloft, blot, clot, left, Left, lift, loaf, lofty, loof, loot, lost, lot, loth, lots, lout, oft, plot, slot, soft Blot, Lift, Lot, Luft, Ophit, oft, Plot, Slot

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loft - der LoftLast post 07 Oct 09, 20:26
Main Entry: 1loft Pronunciation: \\ˈlȯft\\ Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, fr5 Replies
Loft - DacspeicherLast post 11 Jun 08, 17:15
http://www.dict.cc/deutsch-englisch/Dachspeicher.html Für das Wort 'Dachspeicher' gibt es ke…0 Replies
Loft - DachspeicherLast post 08 Jan 18, 16:55
http://www.dict.cc/deutsch-englisch/Dachspeicher.html OK, ich bin ein sanfter Tipper. Gemein…4 Replies
gallery-come-loftLast post 10 Oct 07, 09:31
"The house had a high roof, half boarded to form a gallery-come-loft" Äääääh, we9 Replies
choir loft - ChoremporeLast post 07 Feb 18, 09:33
choir loft: a gallery occupied by a church choir.https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/…0 Replies
loft conversions and the leftLast post 08 Mar 19, 13:00
I've started to read 'Capital' by John Lanchester. It starts with the description and histor…23 Replies
loftLast post 28 Nov 07, 15:18
Acetal, unlike nylon, demonstrates very high loft as well as high viscosity. In dem Text ge…1 Replies
Frage zu : loft, rose + crown, InnenarchitektLast post 26 Jan 12, 05:26
Brauche mal für eine Arbeit Tips von native speakern: Wie übersetzt man denn korrekt "Dipl.I…10 Replies
organ loft - die OrgelemporeLast post 15 May 05, 21:10
see examples Langenscheidt, Der Große Muret-Sanders: Orgelempore f organ loft (od. gallery) …2 Replies
mast loftLast post 29 Mar 07, 12:58
The naval dockyards had expanded to the north, hundreds of acres of dry docks, mast lofts, v…2 Replies