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prograd, Programm

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scheme, programme

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Programmsatz - program, program block, program line ?Last post 12 Jul 11, 20:43
Das aktive Programm wird hier dargestellt. Wenn das Programm läuft, wird der aktive Programm…9 Replies
programLast post 08 May 10, 18:53
Einem Plaztanweiser: May I have a copy of the program, please? Lässt sich das Wort Programm…4 Replies
Compliance Program - Compliance Program Last post 18 Aug 04, 13:24
Statement of commitment by the Supplier to the Code of Conduct adopted by Fiat Auto and to t…1 Replies
program control vs. program governanceLast post 03 Dec 09, 00:18
these phases facilitate program governance, enhanced control and coordination of program and…6 Replies
Honors ProgramLast post 15 Aug 05, 12:10
Seitdem ich auf ein amerikanisches College gehe, werde ich mmer wieder von Familie und Freun…13 Replies
outreach programLast post 21 Dec 06, 20:37
With the help of 250 Christian teenagers the Liebenzell missionaries organized evangelistic …2 Replies
awareness programLast post 02 May 06, 15:33
methods for implementing this standard shall include: periodic training and awareness progra…3 Replies
Program argumentsLast post 07 Dec 06, 15:38
Program arguments should include the key tags ...1 Replies
concentrated programLast post 18 Jul 07, 14:15
"a global view of the games industry in a concentrated program" wie könnte man das Programm…1 Replies
variety programLast post 23 Apr 07, 19:10
News, domestically-made variety programmes, comedies and game shows dominate the peak-time T…1 Replies

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