Possible base forms for "controlled"

    control (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

controller Controller

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controlledLast post 17 Oct 14, 10:22
XXXXXXXX is the first choice in PD patients sub-optimally controlled with levodopa, Es geht…10 Replies
controlled copy, controlled specificationLast post 27 Jan 11, 13:16
Ich stoße in meinen Dokumenten immer wieder auf die Ausdrücke 'controlled/uncontrolled copy…1 Replies
Sample Controlled Last post 19 Apr 07, 10:18
"Sample Controlled Thermal Analysis" (SCTA) defines the branch of thermal analysis in which …2 Replies
Controlled appellation Last post 30 Jul 07, 18:08
Controlled appellation vs food safety is also an ongoing debate in France Es geht um die M…2 Replies
password controlledLast post 23 May 08, 13:43
Punkt in einer Liste: Access to the server (xxx) – password controlled Zum Zugriff auf den S1 Replies
controlled environmentLast post 22 Jul 08, 20:36
Breakthrough insulation for tubing in controlled environment Ueberschrift fuer einen Artike…4 Replies
controlled substanceLast post 24 Jan 21, 19:52
Davon mal abgesehen, dass die vom Wörterbuch vorgeschlagene Übersetzung "geregelter Stoff" (…12 Replies
controlled labLast post 20 Jul 21, 14:38
I am not an ivory-towered theologian nor a scientist in a lab. I cannot criticize or defend …16 Replies
controlled leakLast post 27 Dec 14, 09:28
Panting frequencies of > 1.5 Hz may lead to errors, and those 7 Replies
controlled by Last post 02 Sep 16, 15:30
"Ion leaching takes place predominantly in acidic conditions and is controlled by the diffus…13 Replies

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