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curtain, pertain

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certain vs. certainLast post 04 Mar 07, 03:00
d.h. bestimmt gg. gewiss bzw. eben gewisse, for the native germans. Actually, I'm confused …6 Replies
certain questions - certain questionLast post 06 Feb 09, 09:45
... not be made unless regarding to a certain question(s) or situation ... nur in Bezug auf…3 Replies
why do certain prepositions take certain cases?Last post 06 Apr 14, 23:59
In German, certain prepositions take objects in certain cases (dative, accusative, genitive)…5 Replies
Banning certain phrases in GBLast post 28 Aug 09, 11:54
Hey cousins, what's the matter with you? I just saw on TV that the political correctness non…17 Replies
certain vs. sureLast post 21 Jan 15, 18:07
Hi zusammen Mir ist aufgefallen, dass in der Serie, die ich zur Zeit auf Englisch schaue, i…6 Replies
certain for selbstsicher?Last post 14 Apr 10, 15:26
Jill has got a white rose for the man in her hands and is very certain. Geht das?8 Replies
certain vs. particularLast post 28 Aug 17, 19:37
Dear english native speakers,I'd have a certain question regarding the usage of the words ce…4 Replies
Prohibited activities on certain German HolidaysLast post 24 Apr 14, 05:28
I found out yesterday that it is against the law to play cards in Bavaria on Good Friday. Sl…131 Replies
Ist "certain" guter Stil?Last post 29 Jul 10, 11:38
Hallo, mir ist aufgefallen, dass viele Leute Klarheit vermeiden wollen, indem sie "certain" …11 Replies
certainLast post 16 Sep 06, 07:51
genes certain to cause childhood diseases21 Replies