Possible base forms for "assured"

    assure (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

assumed, assure, assurer


Steigerung mit „less“ und „least“ zum negativen Vergleich
Bei „negativen Vergleichen“ verwendet man im Englischen bei allen Adjektiven less bzw. (the) least + Adjektiv.

Forum discussions containing the search term

assured place Last post 10 Apr 07, 18:10
Victorian England was a vibrant and assured place wie kann ich denn assured place übersetze…1 Replies
assured network Last post 05 Feb 13, 13:47
Kann assured network bisher nur in .mil Dokumenten finden. Mein Satz (auch .mil): All system1 Replies
assured shorthold tenancyLast post 04 Feb 10, 11:07
standart mietverträge in england werden so genannt "tenancy agreement on an assured shorthol…2 Replies
(short) assured tenancy Last post 12 Feb 14, 16:34
"(short) assured tenancy" in einem Beitrag über englisches und schottisches Mietrecht: a ten…2 Replies
assured and entitledLast post 24 May 13, 18:17
He recognized the type-posh Edinburgh, impeccably groomed, barely out of her teens but alrea…4 Replies
erfahrungssichernd - experience-assuredLast post 30 Jan 08, 22:49
I know experience-assured is completely wrong, but how can I translate erfahrungssichernd[3 Replies
farm quality assuredLast post 28 Apr 10, 13:41
Dawn Farm Assured Beef Scheme (DFAB) The Dawn Farm Assured Beef Scheme (DFAB) developed is …3 Replies
'Is assured that....?' or 'Is it assured that ....?'Last post 21 Apr 10, 14:46
Der ganze Satz heißt 'Is it assured that during transport contamination with prohibited subs…1 Replies
self-aware and self-assuredLast post 08 Oct 15, 18:36
Aus der Werbebroschüre einer Uni: "...our students leave as mature personalities: self-awar…16 Replies
... should be rest assured that ...Last post 14 Mar 12, 14:49
The prospective couples should be rest assured by the parish priest or his delegate that the…4 Replies

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