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mutual termination - einvernehmliche AufhebungLast post 30 Nov 08, 12:34
mu•tual /'mju:t{phon_caps}u{shwa}l/ adj.1 used to describe feelings that two or more people ha0 Replies
mutualLast post 20 Oct 08, 15:28
Self interest are mutual interest are inextricably linked. Kann mir jemand helfen den Satzt…2 Replies
mutualLast post 26 Nov 07, 16:08
The data are not in mutual agreement3 Replies
mutual exclusion rule - AlternativverbotLast post 28 Oct 08, 16:12 Replies
mutual funds - offene WertpapierfondsLast post 26 Jul 09, 21:48
definition beispielsweise hier: Replies
Mutual fund, mutual companiesLast post 07 Dec 11, 12:14
They include mutual funds, mutual companies and pension funds. Hey, ich bitte um eine Übers…1 Replies
mutual information - TransinformationLast post 08 Sep 08, 19:22
im Rahmen der Informatonstheorie nach Shannon1 Replies
gemeinsame Kinder - mutual childrenLast post 16 Mar 08, 17:24
Steve and Maggie live as patchwork family. They have two mutual children, and Maggie also ha…7 Replies
gemeinsamer Punkt - mutual pointLast post 19 Nov 08, 21:05
Die Geraden schneiden sich an ihrem einzigen gemeinsamen Punkt: The lines intersect at thei…3 Replies
selseitigen Beziehung - mutual relationLast post 13 May 09, 21:22
Das liegt daran, dass eine hohe Intensität der wechselseitigen Beziehung zu einer Annäherung…1 Replies

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