Possible base forms for "meaning"

    mean (Verb)

Orthographically similar words

earning, Leaning, leaning, Manning, manning, melanin, mending, moaning, weaning Melanin

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Die Satzzeichen am Ende der direkten Rede
Bei Aussagen ohne Begleitsatz erscheinen die Satzzeichen immer innerhalb der Anführungszeichen, bei Aussagen mit einem Begleitsatz – der in der Regel eine Angabe über den Sprecher …

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multiple meaning - PolysemieLast post 29 Nov 14, 22:44
polysemy (ˌpɒlɪˈsiːmɪ; pəˈlɪsəmɪ) n 1. (Linguistics) the existence of several meanings in0 Replies
Epic - meaning?Last post 11 May 19, 19:19
Hallo, ich lese oft unter manchen Youtube-Videos Sachen wie "This is epic" oder ähnliches. …27 Replies
sociocultural........ meaning ?Last post 19 Feb 06, 21:27
Hey I have no idea what sociocultural means, but I am reading it pretty often. Thank you fo…1 Replies
sociocultural........ meaning ?Last post 28 Dec 08, 14:38
Hey I have no idea what sociocultural means, but I am reading it pretty often. Thank you fo…7 Replies
Meaning of...Last post 01 Feb 06, 14:11
... reporting terms. understanding of what sales is in reporting terms1 Replies
meaning-S???Last post 01 Apr 07, 20:26
Possible? "Two of the meanings of the ambiguous sentence cannot be identified by the applic…3 Replies
meaning versusLast post 05 Apr 08, 09:41
Hi, I need the meaning of the word 'versus'. common knowledge is: two people/teams compete a…5 Replies
The Meaning of "Fair"Last post 04 Aug 10, 01:20
Whilst perusing one of my favorite websites, I chanced upon this video involving experimenta…54 Replies
deeper meaning - HintersinnLast post 07 Jun 07, 20:45
Eine Band, deren Mitglieder zusammen mehr als 3000 Jahre alt sind, erobert die englischen Ch…2 Replies
forensic - missing meaningLast post 02 Apr 08, 16:22
If one searches for German translation of the word 'forensic' one only finds juidiciary term…18 Replies

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