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commando, commend

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direction, order, instruction

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commandLast post 07 Oct 07, 14:16
the rationing, price controls, and various other aspects of a bureaucratic command economy,2 Replies
CommandLast post 06 Sep 09, 17:56
List your Assets (Video, Audio). Please outline your navigation, including any Playlists, or…0 Replies
command vehicle - mobile command vehicleLast post 08 Jan 09, 13:04
This vehicle is fully equipped with communications and computer technology to make the unit …11 Replies
Southwest commandLast post 05 Jun 07, 17:07
Grandpa had flown down to the Southwest Command to search ... Es geht um einen chinesischen…2 Replies
forward commandLast post 08 May 08, 10:05
The Forward Command Post remained at Dak To while the 6th Battalion, 14th Artillery establis…3 Replies
motricity commandLast post 25 Mar 09, 18:07 the event of an incident on the motricity command, it shall be possible to shunt the v…2 Replies
incident commandLast post 22 Feb 09, 14:47
I was a fire fighter for 35 years. I graduated from fire fighting, incident command and fire…3 Replies
command trackLast post 11 Sep 08, 18:39
Aus einem Roman, der in einem militärischen Umfeld spielt: "He needs to learn to handle crit…2 Replies
rhetorical commandLast post 31 Mar 08, 15:29
At face value it appears to be a rhetorical command to white men to colonize and rule people…1 Replies
command rotationLast post 04 Mar 08, 21:09
there is also the problem of the military command rotation Wie kann ich es übersetzen? Dank1 Replies

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