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    lean (Verb)

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leaning shelfLast post 01 Aug 07, 10:32
http://www.crateandbarrel.com/family.aspx?c=1154&f=14503 wie heisst das auf deutsch? ich würde2 Replies
right-leaningLast post 10 Sep 06, 19:57
In the UK the right-leaning press dominates circulations (Times, Telegraph; Express, Mail, S…10 Replies
leaning againstLast post 08 Aug 08, 11:53
"...An interesting difference emerges when it comes to statements that are "leaning" against…1 Replies
leaning solutionLast post 23 Oct 08, 09:17
Das ist irgendein (schädliches) Lösungsmittel, aber was? Oder lässt sich das einfach mit Lös…2 Replies
European-leaningLast post 22 Jul 08, 18:15
A new European-leaning government took office in Serbia about two weeks ago. europäisch aus…1 Replies
leaning againstLast post 17 May 08, 07:28
Hallo. Der Ausdruck "leaning against" läßt sich natürlich als "an etwas anlehnen" übersetze…2 Replies
left-leaning - nach links tendierendLast post 29 Jun 05, 23:11
http://service.spiegel.de/cache/international/0,1518,362855,00.html On Friday, writes the le…3 Replies
-ing leaning forwardLast post 02 Mar 09, 22:00
Full Text: "He was sitting in one of the yellow armchairs, leaning forward, his hands togehte3 Replies
democratic leaning independentLast post 16 Mar 12, 06:34
With the general election campaign just a few months away, Mr. Obama’s allies are under grow…10 Replies
passion for leaningLast post 18 Jun 11, 13:30
It was soon apparent that he needed no amusements. Instead, he had a passion for leaning an…3 Replies