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Irene, resew Renke, Rente

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Renew?Last post 23 Oct 07, 12:15
to renew a machine Kann man dies so im Englischen sagen? Gemeint ist, dass eine Maschine ko…7 Replies
Renew intreatmentLast post 21 Mar 23, 14:05
Der Ausdruck ist in einem Portal zu finden. Dort geht es um die Erneuerung von Personen-Zert…8 Replies
no time to renewLast post 27 Jun 10, 15:52
With this constant plundering and with no time to renew them within anyone’s lifetime, they’…3 Replies
and renew existing onesLast post 21 Jan 14, 07:49
With the start of a new year, it is a good time to develop new skills and renew existing one…6 Replies
to renew one's marriage/wedding vowsLast post 07 Jan 19, 09:06
How Soon After Your Wedding Can You Renew Your Vows?…15 Replies
Erinnerung auffrischen / beleben - renew your knowledgeLast post 07 May 17, 17:38
Reading this will renew your knowledge about....2 Replies
Renew your commitment to serving our community!Last post 30 Apr 08, 22:39
Es geht um eine Dienstleistungsorganisation. Kann man im deutschen seinen Einsatz erneuern? …2 Replies
eine Lizenz erneuern - to renew a licence Last post 03 Apr 06, 11:54
Ist es korrekt ? Vielen Dank !1 Replies
I would visit you sometime in the beginning of next week to renew my library books as you know that tomorrow is holiday. Last post 31 Oct 12, 16:43
I would visit you sometime in the beginning of next week to renew my books as you know that …2 Replies
My German visa states that I am allowed to work in any company. But I need to renew my resident permit once in every yearLast post 26 Jan 10, 19:49
i want to write the following in German. can some one help. " My German visa states that I …5 Replies

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