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somewhat of vs. somewhat ofLast post 30 Mar 21, 15:14
somewhat of a Chinese puzzle something of a Chinese puzzle something like a Chinese puzzle…5 Replies
"somewhat of"Last post 07 May 10, 12:04
Hi, kann mir jemand sagen, ob es "somewhat of" im Englischen gibt. Wie wird es benutzt, was…3 Replies
somewhat popularLast post 20 Sep 07, 21:38
The work introduced the concept of the Byronic hero, which is still somewhat popular today a…2 Replies
somewhat looselyLast post 13 Nov 06, 13:33
His rule stretched from the River of Egypt right through (though somewhat loosely) to the Eu…1 Replies
somewhat plagiarisedLast post 31 Jul 08, 18:45
his (somewhat plagiarised) paper definitively brought him no good mark whatever. Hi, was h…3 Replies
"somewhat" in formal EnglishLast post 10 Jul 08, 16:16
kann man somewhat in formalem englisch benutzen e.g. in einer Hausarbeit?4 Replies
somewhat - räumlich oder zeitlich?Last post 21 Nov 17, 20:54
"The enemy had changed position somewhat after the march was ordered."Kann man hier wissen, …2 Replies
signal treatment differs somewhat ...Last post 21 Aug 07, 10:10
technische Beschreibung eines Atemgeräts mit adaptivem Trigger "Signal treatment differs so…1 Replies
« somewhat meretricious graveyard horrors »Last post 10 May 10, 13:28
« somewhat meretricious graveyard horrors » Kann mir das jemand übersetzen? Ich kann es nur…8 Replies
Somewhat serious - Einigermaßen ernsthaftLast post 28 Apr 08, 15:36
Questionnaire: How serious of a threat is global warming to you and your family? 1\tVery se…10 Replies

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