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plash, plashy, slash, splashy, splosh

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plash, splosh, splatter

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splash lance - SprühlanzeLast post 28 May 11, 04:53
http://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/spray+lance.html "splash lance" hat nur 400 Google-Hits.…3 Replies
splash about, splash aroundLast post 12 Feb 07, 14:23
We spent the morning spalshing about in bed and the afternoon spalshing around in paint.6 Replies
Tauchschmierverfahren - splash lubrication, splash-feed lubrication, pickup lubricationLast post 09 Nov 07, 09:17
Das Getriebe wird im Tauchschmierverfahren geschmiert. The gearbox is lubricated with a dip…1 Replies
to splash out on sth.Last post 25 Mar 10, 06:23
Is this common in BE? I read it in FT. I had to read twice, thinking (to myself) what's bei…8 Replies
splash parkLast post 03 Jul 06, 04:06
http://www.gocitykids.com/browse/attraction.jsp?id=119062 Nottingham Park's killer ap, espec…1 Replies
body splashLast post 20 May 08, 16:34
Although, I do have a new ginger body splash that I've been dying to try. Au↓erdem habe ich e1 Replies
Flash + SplashLast post 30 May 10, 18:17
Hallo, ich übersetze eine Website, die in der Startgrafik den Slogan "Flash + Splash" benut…7 Replies
splash padLast post 18 Dec 14, 11:14
A splash pad or spray pool is a recreation area, often in a public park, for water play that…3 Replies
splash poolLast post 18 Apr 14, 18:27
Has a splash pool. Hausbeschreibung aus einer Immobilienzeitschrift2 Replies
No splash. Last post 30 Nov 20, 13:43
Hat jemand ne Idee wie das gemeint sein könnte: In einem amerikanischen Text steht, jemand h…3 Replies