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Verraten, verpetzen

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snitch (whistle-blow, squeal etc.) - verpfeifen (verpetzen, verraten etc.)Last post 11 Aug 10, 18:01
Duden: ver|pfei|fen [zu →pfeifen] (ugs. abwertend): 1. anzeigen, →denunzieren, verraten1 Replies
verpfeifenLast post 19 Sep 10, 14:05
jemanden verpfeifen / verraten4 Replies
to finger someone - jemanden verpfeifenLast post 03 Aug 06, 11:49
www.m-w.com: 3 : to point out : IDENTIFY --------------------------------------------- The A…5 Replies
narc on sb. - jdn. verpfeifenLast post 02 Nov 11, 22:36
[Right after student telling the teacher] [teacher to student body] I am very disappointed i…5 Replies
rat - die Ratze [süddt.] [österr.]Last post 18 Aug 04, 15:47
"Der Ratz" evtl. nur als Ergänzung; vielleicht sagt man ja anderswo "die". Ich hab es nur no…5 Replies
jmd. bei jmd. verpfeifen - to (e.g.)snitch on s.b.(or s.o.) to s.o.(or s.b.)Last post 24 Oct 06, 14:01
allgemeine Frage Warum hast du mich bei ihr verpfiffen? Why did you snitch on me to her?(???…7 Replies
to rat sb out - jem. verpetzenLast post 14 Jun 06, 20:11
Can a country in which neighbors are ratting one another out to bloodthirtsy mobs drag itsel…15 Replies
to snitch - DenunziationLast post 23 Aug 05, 12:01
From an interview: "The new regulations give more opportunities for snitching on troublesome…7 Replies
to tip sb off - jm auf die richtige Spur bringenLast post 12 Jan 06, 13:30
The police would have never caught the burglars if a rival gang hadn't tipped them off.4 Replies
to finger so.Last post 09 Jul 09, 15:40
...after an informant fingered him as the person who had hired a tough guy to put a bullet t…7 Replies