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Inauguration on every 20 th JanuaryLast post 26 Jan 09, 18:31
I have always been sort of fascinated by the fact that all American presidents are inaugurat…12 Replies
january - der Jänner Pl.: die JännerLast post 28 Dec 14, 23:04
https://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=j%C3%A4nner&searchLoc=0&resultOrder=basic&7 Replies
Apartment in Berlin during January (hopefully with piano)?Last post 12 Nov 07, 18:17
A friend of mine is looking to rent an apartment in Berlin for the month of January. He wil…9 Replies
is today (January 2, 2012) a legal holiday in Europe?Last post 10 Jan 12, 17:23
Thanks. It is in the US: "New Years Day Observed" (although holiday schedules sometimes dif…16 Replies
cabbage january kingLast post 09 Oct 06, 13:07
Was fuer eine Art Kohl ist der "Cabbage January King"? Gibt es einen deutschen NAmen dafuer?1 Replies
over the month of JanuaryLast post 04 Apr 07, 15:24
He has excellently carried out our best practices by utilising ... over the month of January…4 Replies
in the 15. January 1943Last post 26 Oct 08, 11:25
it was completed in the 15. January 19432 Replies
as of january 8, 2003Last post 24 Feb 08, 10:43
"As of January 8, 2003, there were 1,424 drug courts in existence or being planned in the Un…3 Replies
24.-25. Januar 2009 - 24th-25th January 2009Last post 05 Jan 08, 00:03
Es Handelt sich um ein Datum für eine Messe. Wird das Datum im englischen dann überhaupt mi…4 Replies
Japan exports drop 46 % in JanuaryLast post 27 Apr 09, 17:56
weiter geht es mit: Japan's exports plunged 46 % in January compared with a year ago to hit…4 Replies