Possible base forms for "attacked"

    attack (Verb)

Other actions

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Orthographically similar words

attached, attacker Attacke


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I think "to get attacked" is okay in formal language, too, not only in colloquial language. …5 Replies
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sollte es how many men did attack you oder how many men attacked you heißen oder ist beides…7 Replies
if he was attackedLast post 31 Dec 06, 16:15
if he was attacked, his intelligence enabled him to evade very cleverly Wenn er angegriffen …8 Replies
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Ist die Übersetzung richtig ?9 Replies
sie hatten Angst irgendwann angegriffen zu werden - they feared attacked another time Last post 07 Dec 10, 19:28
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keep the architecture from being attacked from the outsideLast post 29 Nov 08, 12:46
This should keep the architecture from being attacked from the outside. Es geht um den WEtt…2 Replies
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Bed Intruder Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKsVSBhSwJg 00:40 Es ist das "in the proje…4 Replies
Denise beschimpft Max, nachdem er wieder einmal Tina verbal attackiert hatte. - She insults Max after he once again has attacked Tina verbally.Last post 30 Nov 08, 16:13
Stimmt "has" oder muss ich "had" nehmen?1 Replies
"You can't support teachers or other youngsters being attacked - that's not on,"Last post 27 May 15, 11:52
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