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AIDS, Aids, aids, airs, AISI, Apis, axil, dais, taxi Aids, Anis, Avis, Mais, Taxi

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axisLast post 06 Jul 07, 15:49
Kann mir jemand verraten, wie ich da den Plural bilde? Ich brauche es im Sinne von Koordina…7 Replies
axisLast post 18 Mar 08, 14:07
axis wurde erstmals 1549 erwähnt zu finden in Crooke's "The Body of Man" was wäre eine pas…5 Replies
chital - axis deer - spotted deer - Axishirsch, m (Axis axis)Last post 24 Aug 17, 18:01 axisEngl.: The Axis Deer or…0 Replies
spotted deer (Axis axis) - AxishirschLast post 24 Aug 17, 18:04
The Spotted Deer (Axis axis) is the most commonly found member of the deer family in India. …3 Replies
odontoid process - Zahn des Axis {wiss.: Dens axis}Last post 24 Apr 16, 10:47
"The most distinctive characteristic of this bone is the strong odontoid process known as th…0 Replies
floating axisLast post 07 Nov 06, 10:35
Journal of Biomechanics Vol.23, No.12, pp. 1209-1218, 1990 ..., who used anatomic landmarks …1 Replies
axis-alignedLast post 03 Jan 08, 11:54
habe leider die Quelle nicht zur Hand Bin etwas unsicher - wie kann man das übersetzen? "in…1 Replies
diametric axisLast post 04 Sep 07, 13:43
The joining means is an integral web which extends from the diametric axis of each insulatio…8 Replies
contact axisLast post 06 Aug 08, 12:34
The contact axis (the point where thigh and shin bones meet and rotate)of an knee... von we…0 Replies
shift axisLast post 06 Jul 14, 22:04
In conjunction with built-in high-speed synchronisation facilities this allows the axial and…1 Replies

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