Possible base forms for "composed"

    compose (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

compose, composer

Forum discussions containing the search term

composedLast post 07 Jan 08, 09:33
"How is the hepatitis virus composed" the author means hte actual "Aufbau". How can I say …2 Replies
composed adjectivesLast post 09 May 06, 16:31
Hello, how to construct composed adjectives correctly? Precisely I'm looking for the correc…2 Replies
well composedLast post 10 Jul 07, 14:17
The book is well composed in both structure and language.6 Replies
are composed byLast post 10 Jun 10, 15:23
The ILM models, made of stainless steel, are composed by a float sliding all along a rod. E…2 Replies
verfasst von - composed byLast post 08 Sep 08, 09:58
Wenn ich sagen will, von wem ein Text verfasst wurde ist 'composed by' dann richtig??2 Replies
zusammengesetztes Substantiv - composed nounLast post 25 Nov 05, 22:07
wasweißich... 'Hausschuh' ist ein zusammengesetztes Substantiv. Guten Abend! Ich bin mir ni…4 Replies
family is composed by / (siblings)Last post 14 Jan 11, 13:24
My family is composed by my mother, my father and three siblings (two brothers and a sister)…3 Replies
composed in a sparse field + pit beef jointLast post 22 Aug 07, 22:31
These instinctive responses remind us how much impact audience has on our behavior. The same…1 Replies
he is a very stately and composed cat.Last post 22 Apr 08, 07:46
Hallo Leute, ich habe meine amerikanische Bekannte gefragt, warum sie ihre Katze Thomas nen…3 Replies
Help correcting German sentences composed by 3rd graderLast post 20 Apr 13, 07:54
For her Saturday German school, my 3rd grade daughter has to write 5 sentences using words f…13 Replies

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