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think, imagine, excogitate

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conceiveLast post 23 Oct 07, 12:28
The solution to this problem (...) is ill conceived. die verknüpfung "ill conceive" - wie k…3 Replies
conceiveLast post 27 Aug 08, 00:02
Finally, he conceived the dimension of his deeds. Kann man das so sagen? Danke!9 Replies
to conceiveLast post 18 May 08, 18:43
He was unable to conceive of an alternative outcome.1 Replies
contrive Last post 05 Oct 08, 13:04
Ok, diese Frage ist wahrscheinlich vorzugsweise von Native Speakern zu beantworten... Kann …2 Replies
erfassen - conceive?Last post 18 Jul 09, 15:45
ein Revival das bald die protestantische Kirche erfasste a revival which soon conceived all…2 Replies
and it conceiveLast post 15 Nov 10, 17:41
The project will be a cooperation and it conceive ( angedacht als) to be a comparative analy…5 Replies
dazugehöriges Wort gesucht =/ corresponding words to "to conceive" Last post 08 Jul 10, 22:17
wie heisst das dazugehörige Nomen zu " to conceive"?1 Replies
complementary way to conceive the characteristics - eine ergänzende Perspektive....Last post 11 Feb 12, 22:53
A complementary way to conceive the characteristics of macro-regional integration is offered…6 Replies
We like to conceive of life as a thread...Last post 26 Dec 09, 13:14
We only stayed an hour or two. But before we left, from the rim I saw a trail, pale as chalk…10 Replies
sich am schwierigsten fassen lassen - most difficult to conceive Last post 15 May 08, 13:37
Um die Produktidee konkreter werden zu lassen, müssen die Anforderungen an das Produkt ermit…1 Replies

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