Possible base forms for "conceived"

    conceive (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

conceited, conceive

Forum discussions containing the search term

conceivedLast post 21 Nov 07, 16:31
These are studies in Japanese, Chinese, Sanskrit, Arabic, and African literatures which illu…2 Replies
self-conceivedLast post 13 May 09, 14:30
I have the feeling that this word has multiple meanings. Anyone?9 Replies
conceived in liberty,...Last post 15 Jan 08, 15:54
Kann mir jemand diesen Satz übersetzen?: Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought f…2 Replies
conceived im KontextLast post 20 Oct 08, 16:08
Teresa Southwick was conceived in New Jersey hier der ganze Satz, falls es jemandem hilft: …5 Replies
sperm conceived childLast post 10 Jan 10, 08:58
Ich such eine möglichst elegante Übersetzung hierfür. Es geht um die Empfängnis eines durch …15 Replies
ill-conceived - schlecht durchdachtLast post 19 Jun 06, 07:14
Gehört u.a. zuletzt in einer "Veronica Mars"-Folge (Season 2, Episode 13), Transcript dieser…3 Replies
pursuing ill-conceived policiesLast post 27 Apr 08, 18:03
"As a result of pursuing ill-conceived policies, we have unsettled our allies and emboldened…3 Replies
...conceived way before its time.Last post 10 Dec 06, 13:03
Artikel aus dem Observer, July 16, 2006 Der ganze Satz lautet: In commercial terms, the priv…1 Replies
as it is conceived nowadaysLast post 26 Nov 09, 22:03
Unfortunately the book I was recommended covered less than 5% of the specialty as it is conc…5 Replies
conceived of in accordance withLast post 25 Jan 15, 08:56
The answer depends on whether you categorize the pictures as pictures of 'self' and 'other' …1 Replies

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