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DialectLast post 28 Sep 05, 17:03
kann mir jemand erklären, was das wort "kharzi" im englischen bedeutet. es scheint ein Überb…1 Replies
dialect folk play - LokalstückLast post 10 Jun 20, 15:46
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folk_playFolk plays such as Hoodening, Guising, Mummers Play a…0 Replies
UK English = Dialect?Last post 22 Mar 09, 21:43
Just got this job notification: "Call Center Representative Wanted (Must be familiar with UK…52 Replies
gefliegt in dialect?Last post 04 Nov 10, 02:47
Are there any German dialects where they use "gefliegt" instead of "geflogen"? I could have …17 Replies
oxford dialectLast post 20 Dec 05, 13:06
Hi, ich möchte mir gerne den "feinen" Englischen Akzent "antrainieren" uns suche schon seit…9 Replies
dialect questionLast post 06 Jun 05, 14:35
Perhaps someone can help me here: I am analysing a Wuerzburg legal deed from 1298 and find …12 Replies
German dialect in TexasLast post 16 May 13, 22:15
FYI http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22490560 Enjoy. :-)8 Replies
US English Dialect QuizLast post 30 Apr 15, 09:51
http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/12/20/sunday-review/dialect-quiz-map.html?_r=0 The …20 Replies
Bavarian dialect examplesLast post 05 Dec 05, 14:10
I want to get a feel for how the people of bayern speak. Do they pronounce the words differ…36 Replies
accent or dialect?Last post 21 Dec 11, 22:47
Can s.o. tell me what americans consider to be an accent or a dialect? Sometimes I hear phra…26 Replies