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leisured, leizure

Forum discussions containing the search term

leisure time and leisureLast post 13 Dec 08, 14:22
Is there any the difference between the words " the leisure time " and " leisure" (when they…1 Replies
leisure research - die FreizeitforschungLast post 09 Mar 10, 11:46
Brockhaus-Enzyklopädie (2006, 21. Aufl.): "Freizeitforschung, eine Spektrumswiss. mit diszi…1 Replies
Freizeitsport - leisure sport????Last post 06 Apr 06, 14:09
Im Bereich des Feizeitsports.... In the field of leisure sports.... Ist das so korrekt?1 Replies
Freizeitethik - leisure ethicLast post 20 Feb 13, 12:59
Die Arbeitsethik der bäuerlichen Gesellschaft wurde seit der Moderne allmählich durch die Fr…1 Replies
watching TV is a leisure activity/to watch TV is a leisure activity/TV is a leisure activityLast post 26 Mar 06, 23:17
Bin ganz durcheinander...was stimmt jetzt?3 Replies
serious leisure vs. casual leisureLast post 08 Oct 08, 11:10
Another concept that needs some explanation in the context of sports tourism is that of seri…0 Replies
to do sth. at one's leisure - sichDat. mit etw.Dat. Zeit lassenLast post 22 May 09, 17:42
Please give me a call at your leisure and let's set up a time to talk. In dem obigen Beispie…2 Replies
lady of leisure - das LuxusweibLast post 27 Aug 09, 18:32
http://owad.de/check.php4?wordid=2130&choice=1&idc=8 Replies
leisure carrierLast post 25 Feb 09, 17:29
as in airlines.....2 Replies
contemplative leisureLast post 28 Apr 09, 17:32
Old age is an age of contemplative leisure and holy wisdom so much prized by the poets and l…1 Replies