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mechanism sufficientLast post 01 Sep 07, 22:41
The result states that in a risk-neutral agency relationship all relevant information from a…2 Replies
instituional mechanismLast post 31 Mar 05, 16:52
establishing institutional mechanism to co-ordinate and facilitate the implementation of the…1 Replies
mechanism knowledgeLast post 21 Mar 06, 16:38
there are three types of background knowledge: a) information about properties of exemplars …1 Replies
painpleasure mechanismLast post 23 Jun 06, 11:05
the painpleasure mechanism of the human body Im Englischen habe ich im Google hierfür einige…1 Replies
revolving mechanismLast post 16 Apr 07, 14:57
The main role of women CBO (Community Based Organization) is to focus on to plan and monitor…3 Replies
compliant mechanismLast post 02 Jul 08, 12:05
A compliant mechanism can be defined as singlepiece flexible structure, which uses elastic d…2 Replies
escrow mechanism Last post 08 Feb 08, 17:45
we would to put in place an escrow mechanism to deal with payment to you Es geht um eine au…1 Replies
policing mechanism Last post 30 Sep 08, 19:22
Europe has to set up a policing mechanism to control our financial markets. The supervisory …5 Replies
override mechanismLast post 08 Sep 08, 14:56
"...Another way of ensuring accountability of monetary policy is to shift the final responsi…13 Replies
creation mechanismLast post 14 Feb 08, 14:51
Gemeint ist hier der "creation mechanism" für einen börsengehandelten Indexfonds (ETF), der …1 Replies

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