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operate, carry, fulfil, execute, fulfill

Forum discussions containing the search term

under-perform oder under performLast post 02 Jun 05, 14:56
Schreibt man es mit Bindestrich oder ohne? z.B. the fund manager under performed the index …2 Replies
play vs. performLast post 29 Apr 21, 08:47
to play a piece (e.g.) by Beethovento perform a piece (see above)zu 1.Kann das im Gegensatz …3 Replies
Perform an achievement?Last post 11 Mar 11, 12:01
I just stumbled upon this sentence - by a native speaker - which sounds really weird to me b…12 Replies
"perform (in) concerts"Last post 23 Mar 18, 11:17
that is wrong, isn't it?As in*The Spice Girls performed lots of concerts*But is it okay to s…33 Replies
Perform - VorführenLast post 29 Aug 10, 12:16
Als nächstes, muß ich ein Lied von Kate Bush singen and performen. Nicht, dass ich wüßte wer…5 Replies
to perform the orderLast post 13 Nov 15, 11:51
Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts in England. Der örtliche Pfarrer und Seelsorger besucht gemeinsam…6 Replies
execute - hinlegenLast post 09 Oct 08, 09:30
DWDS (http://www.dwds.de/?kompakt=1&sh=1&qu=hinlegen): hinlegen salopp etw. musterg2 Replies
obligation to perform - LeistungspflichtLast post 09 Jun 11, 12:48
http://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/obligation+to+perform.html http://www.vokabel-online.de/…2 Replies
performLast post 19 Jun 07, 08:17
Wie übersetz ich denn hier "perform"? In contrast to these two papers, in Tabellini (1987) …2 Replies
to perform - verrichtenLast post 14 Aug 07, 15:29
...do not need to perform authentication and authorization steps. ...brauchen keine Authenti…2 Replies