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satisfy, execute, meet, perform, fulfill

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a third fulfil(s) ?Last post 26 Mar 08, 21:03
Ein Drittel erfüllt die Kriterien. A third fulfils (?) the criteria. Es geht um das Verb. 13 Replies
erfüllen - fulfil or fulfill ?Last post 08 Dec 06, 19:45
eine funktion erfüllen to fulfil(l) a function gibt es einen underschied zwischen FULFIL un…3 Replies
to fulfill/fulfil - befriedigtLast post 21 Jan 13, 19:18
Die Kombination Verb-Adjektiv ist ja ohne Zweifel falsch, ich starte trotzdem hier den Faden…1 Replies
to fulfil one´s potentialLast post 12 Aug 09, 20:57
...showing different needs that have to be met in progression in order for an individual to …1 Replies
fulfil service in completing brand reliabilityLast post 09 Mar 20, 10:19
fulfil customer service in completing the brand reliability of xxx [wobei xxx für den Firmen…8 Replies
warranty valid + fulfil yor legal requirementsLast post 18 Feb 09, 11:13
...so you keep the warranty valid and also fulfill your legal requirements. Kann mir hier j…3 Replies
to serve a function or to fulfil a functionLast post 16 Sep 15, 14:20
Hello is there any difference between the two of them? My google search didn't help me ver…2 Replies
eine Aufgabe nicht erfüllen - do not fulfil their task properlyLast post 10 Mar 07, 20:31
vielen Dank!1 Replies
what it is as a potential for the mutation to fulfil itself.Last post 30 Jun 16, 13:27
...you’re really looking at the archetype of what it is as a potential for the mutation to f…4 Replies
"funktional im Hinblick aufeinander" - "fulfil a function with regard to each other"Last post 15 Feb 12, 15:58
“Digitalisierung und Ökonomisierung bedingen und propellieren einander wechselseitig; sie si…2 Replies

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