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satisfy probateLast post 19 May 09, 20:30
He placed those notice-to-creditor ads in the newspapers to satisfy probate. Kenne nichts d…3 Replies
satisfy a concern?Last post 02 Mar 06, 07:38
Can one say "satisfy a concern"? Or can one only satisfy a need/demand? I just wrote "Ma…7 Replies
satisfy an exceptionLast post 30 Nov 10, 17:16
... except that Confidential Information does not include information that satisfies an Exce…3 Replies
to satisfy - überzeugenLast post 07 Jun 05, 22:00
Satisfy heisst nur befriedigen und ähnliches. Aber nicht überzeugen - oder?1 Replies
to satisfy a functionLast post 09 Feb 09, 15:53
There are members of a class which satisfy a propositional function f (x). Spricht man davo…2 Replies
(to) satisfy project demandLast post 01 Dec 08, 23:38
In the three cases where project operation continued past the trial period, enterprises had …3 Replies
to satisfy a thresholdLast post 14 May 17, 02:35
Im englischen gibt es den Ausdruck "sth. satisfies a threshold". Hierbei würde ich "satisfy"…9 Replies
to satisfy the search and...Last post 12 Sep 07, 10:19
examination requirement Wie kann ich das Alles am besten übersetzen?1 Replies
Lust büßen - satisfy one's appetiteLast post 07 Feb 15, 06:21
Als der Wolf seine Lust gebüsst hatte, trollte er sich fort, legte sich draussen auf der grü…5 Replies
satisfy needs of/for securityLast post 22 Feb 10, 16:17
satisfy these needs of/for security are very different was ist hier richtig of oder for? d…2 Replies

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