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confirm, coniform konform

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match, comply, adapt, satisfy, meet, fit, attune

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conformLast post 17 Jun 10, 16:10
The supervisory board is authorized to conform the articles of incorporation and particularl…1 Replies
hygienegerecht - hygiene-conformLast post 10 Aug 17, 21:02
der Apparat ist hygienegerecht und deswegen ideal für die Bereiche Pharma, Medizin und Leben…7 Replies
conform documentsLast post 28 Jun 06, 12:21
Upon receipt of l/c conform documents at your counter you are authorized to reimburse yourse…1 Replies
spezifikationsgemäß - conform to said specificationLast post 27 Mar 14, 11:30
Der Quotient ist nicht spezifikationsgemäß. -> The quotient does not conform to said specifi…3 Replies
Pressure to conformLast post 19 Mar 07, 21:44
One need only look at the american pressure to conform that was placed upon the 2 countries.…1 Replies
conform in timeLast post 13 May 09, 15:56
a reasonable and substantiated observation by XYZ of which the Supplier is notified to the e…1 Replies
credit conform documentsLast post 27 Oct 10, 14:09
Upon receipt of credit conform documents, please pay to the benificiary at sight for the ful…2 Replies
to conform preferencesLast post 01 Dec 09, 21:15
...the analysis supports the implications of models that allow for agents' preferences to co…4 Replies
konform mit INSPIRE - conform with INSPIRELast post 29 Apr 10, 11:46
richtig übersetzt? zur Erklärung: bei INSPIRE handelt es sich um eine Richtline der EU Danke!1 Replies
universell einheitliche Probleme - universally conform problemsLast post 21 Feb 08, 15:36
Die Mehrheit der Forscher richtet sich dabei nach dem Konzept der Wertorientierung, wonach d…1 Replies