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acknowledge/ confirm ....Last post 09 Dec 10, 16:31
Hallo, ich habe gerade Schwierigkeiten mit der Übersetzung bzw. Grammatik. Kann man das so…12 Replies
confirm appointmentLast post 28 Jan 08, 13:31
I would hereby like to confirm your appointment with Mr. XYZ on Jan. 1, 2008. Ich möchte hi…1 Replies
acknowledge - confirmLast post 12 Feb 09, 15:35
Wann benutze ich acknowledege, wann confirm? Hintergrund ist wieder einmal eine technische …1 Replies
'not confirm'Last post 28 Jan 10, 22:07
Another experiment will confirm (or not) the previous findings. Gibt es ein Verb, das ich s…2 Replies
kindly confirmLast post 18 Feb 15, 19:04
Kindly confirm the number of people who will participate, including you, by Saturday, June 2…4 Replies
bestätigen - confirmLast post 19 Mar 09, 09:40
Internationale Studien bestätigen die hohen Qualitätsstandards Independent studies confirm t…2 Replies
confirm onLast post 10 Oct 18, 12:17
Please confirm on account opening begin week of 10/15. Wird hier eher eine Bestätigung oder…3 Replies
confirm toLast post 23 Jun 11, 12:00
If you don't confirm to the rules you'll most likely be excluded. Was heißt "confirm" in di…1 Replies
"confirm" and "accordingly"Last post 11 May 07, 09:26
Please confirm your attendance so that things should be arranged accordingly. Could you ple…3 Replies
confirm in writingLast post 17 Jan 11, 12:52
If you are interested in renting this flat please confirm in writing within 5 working days …1 Replies

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