Possible base forms for "services"

    service (Verb) 
   der Service (Noun)

Orthographically similar words

Service, service Service

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ServicesLast post 11 Nov 09, 11:40
(e.g. Financial and other) Services Würde "Dienstleistungsprodukte" oder "Dienstleistungen"…1 Replies
ServicesLast post 11 Nov 09, 12:58
(e.g. Financial and other) Services Würde "Dienstleistungsprodukte" oder "Dienstleistungen"…5 Replies
servicesLast post 07 Apr 10, 09:25
Services can't handle the immigration. Bei Services sind Schulen, Krankenhause ... gemeint …2 Replies
professional services, nonprofessional servicesLast post 16 Sep 08, 20:32
professional services: Arzt, Anwalt, Finanzdienstleistungen nonprofessional services: Frisue…7 Replies
provided services / services providedLast post 08 Apr 10, 18:39
"We're very satisfied with the provided services" und "We're very satisfied with the service…3 Replies
rehabilitation services - rehabilitation servicesLast post 18 Mar 10, 12:30
Principles when considering if offering rehabilitation services are appropriate Grundsätze …2 Replies
Services voraussetzen - expecte servicesLast post 28 Jan 08, 18:41
Unserer Ansicht nach hat dies einen höheren Lerneffekt, als zum Beispiel Services vorauszuse…3 Replies
services - services oder service?Last post 22 Mar 08, 02:02
Muss es heissen: All clients get attention and excellent services oder All clients get atte…2 Replies
IT services or IT-services - IT servicesLast post 13 Mar 07, 16:20
The Group focused on IT services... In German it is I believe IT-Services, what's the right …3 Replies
specialist services or specialised servicesLast post 10 Dec 11, 20:51
Specialist services will continue to be provided. and we therefor recommend the provision …6 Replies

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