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Orthographically similar words

provided, provider

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procure, supply, furnish, allow

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provide consistency - ständige BereitstellungLast post 07 Jun 07, 18:40
"ständige Bereitstellung" would be "constant provision", here "provide" is the verb and "con…1 Replies
to provide for - vorsehen alsLast post 01 Dec 04, 16:06
Gibt es irgendeinen Zusammenhang, in dem "to provide for" mit "vorsehen als" übersetzt werde…5 Replies
provide - provide withLast post 07 Oct 09, 12:55
Our legal team provided the public expert legal consultation and support. Ich arbeite als Fu…4 Replies
...to provide...Last post 25 Jan 06, 11:39
Wirst Du mir diesen Artikel liefern? Will you provide this item to me? Will you provide me …2 Replies
offer/provideLast post 12 Jun 07, 08:51
Könnte mir jemand bitte erklären, was der Unterschied zwischen provide und offer ist? Was…6 Replies
provide responsibilityLast post 01 Mar 14, 10:13
Hallo, es geht um eine englischsprachige Bewerbung (AE), die ich korrekturlese. Hier steht …2 Replies
to provide with - to provide?Last post 20 Mar 06, 13:06
Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Would I rather say - This memo provides with the filing …2 Replies
to provide toLast post 25 Mar 09, 18:43
"there should be a law which provides immigrants to learn the language of the country they'r…4 Replies
"provide" without "with"Last post 14 Jan 13, 16:22
I've come across a couple of instances of provide s.o. s.th. (without with) in a text 9 Replies
to provide insight into - to provide insight onLast post 26 Nov 17, 17:26
Ich kenne normalerweise den Begriff "insight into", bin nun auch paarmal über "insight on" g…6 Replies