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user acceptance testing, operational acceptance testing, field acceptance testingLast post 27 Apr 09, 14:10
User Acceptance Testin: The aim of User Acceptance Testing is to validate that an applicatio…1 Replies
Acceptance letterLast post 30 Jun 04, 13:29
I have been offered a post in England and have been asked to send a written confirmatio of m…3 Replies
(en) acceptanceLast post 05 Apr 06, 16:25
A repudiatory breach has no effect on the continuance of the contract unless and until accep…8 Replies
affective acceptanceLast post 09 May 06, 08:06
decision quality, consensus and affective acceptance are all necessary for high performance.…1 Replies
cosmetic acceptanceLast post 29 Jul 08, 18:22
"Reduced automotive column shifter scrap by over USD25,000 per month by creating and impleme…3 Replies
mutual acceptanceLast post 06 Nov 10, 16:30
sagt man dann wohl 'gegenseitige akzeptanz zwischen x und y' ? oder eher 'bei' ? danke!3 Replies
acceptance geometryLast post 13 Oct 10, 12:18
Gesucht wird eine Übersetzung für den Begriff "acceptance geometry". Es handelt sich um die …2 Replies
goal acceptanceLast post 28 Oct 08, 12:39
"Goal acceptance was found to moderate the relationship between group cohesiveness and the q…2 Replies
city acceptanceLast post 11 Mar 08, 22:54
Will keep on hand and constantly receiving during the season large supplies of Maryland and …2 Replies
acceptance managementLast post 11 Apr 10, 19:29
Wer kann mir mit dem Begriff "acceptance management" weiterhelfen? Vielen Dank schonmal :-)2 Replies

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