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responsibleLast post 12 Oct 16, 18:25
Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years.Choking and Suffocation hazard! Children un…3 Replies
responsibleLast post 10 Aug 16, 23:00
Charlie looks Renfrew in the eye. For all his insistence, there is no anger,no threat to him…8 Replies
key responsible/key-responsibleLast post 21 Aug 09, 14:09
Gibt es den Ausrdruck "key responsible" bzw. "key-responible" im Sinne von "hauptverantwortl…1 Replies
Be responsible ODER being responsible?Last post 04 Aug 11, 07:48
But you prefer to explain your current situation rather than be responsible for the way thin…4 Replies
verantwortlich - responsibleLast post 31 May 06, 13:54
Der verantwortliche Mann: geht "the responsible man" oder muss es heißen: "the man in charg…6 Replies
fiscally responsibleLast post 15 Nov 07, 09:01
carry out the measures in a fiscally responsible manner in steuerlich verantwortungsvoller …1 Replies
sales responsible Last post 13 Sep 07, 23:31
I'm proof reading a text translated from German. (sorry not got German orig.) Can anyone the…7 Replies
responsible careLast post 24 Jan 08, 14:11
award for responsible care Auszeichnung für verantwortliches Handeln? Gibt es einen deutsche…2 Replies
Responsible doctorLast post 17 Jan 09, 15:33
Additional filters can be used for the ordering doctor and responsible doctor fields. You ca…1 Replies
responsible diagnosisLast post 12 Dec 08, 10:22
most responsible diagnosis responsible for greatest portion of stay:.... Kontext: Entlassu…2 Replies

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