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likeliness, likelihood, verisimilitude

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probabilityLast post 24 Jan 17, 11:23
" [...] but reasonable cost of action are not directly relative to the probability of those …3 Replies
unconditional probabilityLast post 07 Mar 05, 15:12
measures the unconditional probability of default in a future short period of time "unbeding…1 Replies
probability - likelihoodLast post 13 Nov 08, 16:31
was ist der Unterschied zwischen den beiden Begriffen? Wo werden sie verwendet?8 Replies
equal probabilityLast post 03 Jul 16, 16:54
This means that the treatment you receive will be assigned to you by chance, and you will ha…1 Replies
probability surveyLast post 13 Jul 12, 05:31
A textbook definition of a probability survey is that every element in the population has a …1 Replies
probability massLast post 29 Aug 11, 06:55
he uses 99 % of the samples of the probability mass. (Monte Carlo Sampling) Hat was mit der…7 Replies
probability case - WahrscheinlichkeitsfallLast post 05 May 10, 14:22
gesucht wird mittlere Bezugsgröße zwischen "best case" und "worst case"0 Replies
non-probability samplingLast post 21 Mar 05, 19:49
For this survey we used non-probability sampling. I know what probability means in German, h…1 Replies
Likelihood and probabilityLast post 22 Mar 06, 14:52
Likelihood is determined by frequency - how often a source of a risk exists, and probability…4 Replies
probability of disagreementLast post 05 Feb 08, 14:14
This included the assessment of the probability of disagreement [...]. Gibt es hierfür eine…2 Replies

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