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Orthographically similar words

drip, grip, ripe, trip Rips, Trip

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scale, brush, lacerate, break, tear, repair, rend, shred

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Marjorie Chibnall RIPLast post 04 Jul 12, 08:16
I read with some sadness of the death of Marjorie Chibnall, a very distinguished medieval hi…0 Replies
RIP rodentLast post 09 Jun 10, 13:16
This is a true story. I need to make a name up (like John Doe) for something that seems to h…14 Replies
rip - sogLast post 05 Aug 06, 12:31
Rips on the Australias beaches cost a lot of lives.. The german meaning need to be added..3 Replies
to rip ofLast post 21 Mar 14, 20:39
Die deutsche Entsprechung "abzocken" ist eher umgangssprachlich. Ist das mit "to rip of" ebe…3 Replies
RIPLast post 05 Nov 09, 17:25
Assuming John Doe has died. Someone (AE) writes in a letter of condolence "RIP Mr. Doe, ..."…10 Replies
rip-off - die GeldschneidereiLast post 23 Sep 16, 17:34
http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/GeldschneidereiGeldschneiderei, dieWortart: Substantiv, …4 Replies
rip cage - BrustkorbLast post 08 Mar 12, 12:55
The 75mm-long pterosaur bone shard was found within the rib cage where the Velociraptor's gu…8 Replies
you rip your back pocketLast post 20 Sep 12, 11:20
Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob obiges eine mir bisher unbekannte Redensart im amerikanischen E…2 Replies
rip and cross cut (woodworking)Last post 14 Jan 20, 12:05
Gibt es im Deutschen äquivalente Begriffe für Schnitte entlang und quer zur Maserung? Ich ha…2 Replies
rip-snortingLast post 16 Feb 11, 13:01
A rip-snorting engine. (Automobile) Found in a report about various automobile engines.4 Replies