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concret salesmanLast post 16 Nov 10, 19:02
a concret salesman who drove from town to hamlet to co-op store day by day Gehe ich in rech…2 Replies
truck salesmanLast post 11 Jan 10, 17:51
Jemand wird ohne weitere Angaben als truck salesman in L.A. bezeichnet. Mehr Infos gibt es d…1 Replies
salesman of sortsLast post 19 Jan 07, 17:09
For a while he was a salesman of sorts; he went from magazine to magazine, with his portfoli…1 Replies
snake oil salesman Last post 18 Feb 07, 19:42
This is all a reference to salemen of the past who sold "wonder cures"...often called "snake…4 Replies
menswear salesman - HerrenausstatterLast post 30 Nov 09, 14:35
Nowadays regrettably, the job is more arduous - expert tailors are tough to come by, and the…4 Replies
double-glazing salesmanLast post 21 May 10, 14:55
He worked as a double-glazing salesman. Gar keine Ahnung. Er arbeitete als ___ Verkaufsmann.5 Replies
"Biff" (Death of a Salesman)Last post 11 May 08, 12:49
Hi there, Does anybody know what word the name "Biff" in Death of a Salesman" from Arthur M…1 Replies
representative, but not a salesmanLast post 06 Sep 08, 17:54
Can I refer to someone - in the second person - as a "Stellvertreter für die Firma XYZ" with…3 Replies
The salesman is helping the customerLast post 21 Sep 08, 18:18
i need help with the dative form of "the customer" thanks!2 Replies
Verkäufer auf freiberuflicher Basis - freelancing salesmanLast post 25 Sep 13, 21:56
Berufsbezeichnung im Lebenslauf.6 Replies

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