Orthographically similar words

chin, hind, hint, Shia, shim, shine, shiny, ship, Ship, shit, Shit, shiv, shun, sign, sin, Sind, sine, sing, sink, Sion, skin, spin, Spin, thin, whin Hain, hin, Hin, hin-, Hirn, Schi, Sein, sein, Sinn, Sion, Sohn, Spin

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splice-bar, cnemis, fish-bar

Forum discussions containing the search term

Shin splintsLast post 09 Apr 08, 16:34
hi ein freund und ich haben sich ueber sports krankheiten unterhalten, es ist irgend etwas a…6 Replies
shin monkLast post 12 Dec 07, 16:14
It was the only way to adulthood and as important as becoming a shin monk. In dem Buc2 Replies
shin splintLast post 10 Jun 06, 13:55
Körperschaden, wo entweder die innere oder äußere Seite (auf jeden Fall nach vorne und nicht…3 Replies
shin digLast post 15 Sep 14, 19:24
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Can`t Stop: "can`t stop addicted to the shin dig" (Laut YouTube die L…4 Replies
saber/sabre shin - SäbelschienbeinLast post 31 Mar 14, 12:23 Replies
\tshin of beef\t \t - die RinderhachseLast post 13 Jan 08, 15:04
Nachdem ich ein paar einsame Treffer für Hachse in Google fand, kann ich ja nicht behaupten,…5 Replies
Shin kicking and cheese rollingLast post 06 Feb 06, 21:54
Traditional English past times for Germans to discover :-) 1 Replies
rock your shin back and forthLast post 30 Mar 15, 20:45
Übung mit der Massagerolle: "Rock your shin slightly back and forth over the foam roller." E…6 Replies
a short shrunk shank shin boneLast post 27 May 11, 11:14
there is a bone step ONE / TWO / ONE / TWO , when you put it down each time you…6 Replies
Sock-like things football players pull over their shin guards?Last post 29 Feb 08, 17:21
What are they called in German? Stulpen? 14 Replies

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