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bind, chin, find, Find, hand, hide, Hindi, Hindu, hint, kind, Kind, mind, Mind, rind, shin, Sind, thin, whin, wind Hain, Hand, hin, Hin, hin-, Hinde, Hindi, Hindu, Hirn, Hund, Kind, lind, Rind, Wind

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HindLast post 05 Apr 13, 17:17
Distributor is not granted any right or authority to assume or to create any obligation or r…5 Replies
hind-workingLast post 06 Jan 09, 13:11
Ulam’s sparkling manners were diametrically opposite to Birkhoff’s hind-working, aggress1 Replies
fore and hind regionLast post 29 Aug 08, 12:08
a sample of subcutaneous adipose tissue from the fore and hind region was collected kann ma…1 Replies
Hosenmuskulatur - hind leg musclesLast post 10 Jan 08, 13:00
Die Kruppe fiel steil ab und er hatte wenig Hosenmuskulatur. --> The croup curved straight d…1 Replies
hind, doe - die Hinde [poet.]Last post 27 Mar 05, 01:12
see examples Der Große Muret-Sanders: Hinde f <-; -n> archaic od. poet. cf. Hindin Hindin f0 Replies
to stand up on its hind legsLast post 13 Jan 11, 23:24
Kann mir bitte jemand ein Synonym für dieses Sprichwort geben und es mir übersetzen? Am best…19 Replies
hind leg - das HinterbeinLast post 10 Aug 06, 23:54
LEO has foreleg (1 word) and hind leg (2 words). Both the one-word and two-word versions of …6 Replies
to talk the hind leg off a donkey [coll.] - jmdm. ein Ohr abredenLast post 19 Jan 11, 18:03
I've never heard of "to talk the hind leg off a donkey" and I use "to talk someone's ear off…24 Replies
Golden Hint - Goldem HintLast post 04 Apr 18, 13:20
Wie übersetzt man bitte genau den Schiffsnamen: Golden Hint ? Wie übersetzt man bitte gena…5 Replies
hindlimb - Hinterextremität, Hinterlauf, Hinterbein (bei Tieren)Last post 05 Jul 17, 11:14
Main Entry:\tfore·limb Pronunciation:\t-"lim Function:\tnoun : a limb (as an arm, wing, fin…3 Replies

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