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a hain'tLast post 26 Jul 09, 08:40
lives there, he said, pointing to the Radley house ??4 Replies
ailantery - Hain von GötterbäumenLast post 12 Nov 13, 00:09
Is "ailantery" really an English word? Neither nor know it, and many …17 Replies
copse - GestrüppLast post 06 Aug 05, 19:59
The English word "copse" goes beyond the idea of "underwood" or "undergrowth. It is in my ey…9 Replies
apple mint - die Hain-Minze, wiss.: Mentha × villosaLast post 28 Dec 11, 12:00 Apple Mint1 Replies
woodland draba - das Hain-Felsenblümchen, wiss.: Draba nemorosaLast post 01 Jan 13, 21:16 Draba nemorosa L. woodland draba http0 Replies
common eyebright - der Hain-Augentrost, wiss.: Euphrasia nemorosaLast post 18 Mar 12, 22:21 Euphrasia nemorosa (Pers.) Wallr. common 0 Replies
wood bluegrass, also: wood blue grass - das Hainrispengras, auch: Hain-Rispengras, wiss.: Poa nemoralisLast post 20 Mar 14, 19:48 Poa nemoralis L. wood bluegrass0 Replies
meadow horsetail / shade horsetail / shady horsetail - der Hain-Schachtelhalm / der Wiesen-Schachtelhalm [wiss: Equisetum pratense]Last post 01 Nov 10, 17:00 7. Equisetum pratense[/i0 Replies
false fox-sedge - die Hainsegge, auch: Hain-Segge, wiss.: Carex otrubaeLast post 06 Oct 13, 21:32…0 Replies
wood stitchwort - die Hain-Sternmiere, wiss.: Stellaria nemorumLast post 10 Sep 12, 23:20…0 Replies

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