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vermasselt, vermaßen

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vermasselnLast post 06 Apr 16, 08:45
Ich hab es vermasst er hat es versaut. he blew it oder he screw it off??? wo bestehen die …13 Replies
sich etw. selbst versauen/vermasselnLast post 24 May 10, 03:13
Ich weiss, es klingt etwas blöd, aber vielleicht kann doch jemand helfen? Du bist gerade d…9 Replies
come a gutser [Aust. / N.Z.] - 1. auf die Schnauze fallen, 2. (es) verkacken, versemmeln, vergeigen, vermasselnLast post 21 May 18, 17:12
"Life was hard. Plus, you were always fucking up. Do a bit of work, fuck up, get the sack. A…2 Replies
to butcher [v./tr.] - versauen, verhunzenLast post 14 Nov 11, 20:44
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/butcher 3 : [[botch]] | v ²botch 1 : to fo…2 Replies
to queer sb's pitch - jdm. einen Strich durch die Rechnung machenLast post 26 Feb 11, 09:51
http://www.idiomsite.com/#q Queer the pitch: Destroy or ruin a plan. http://www.thefreedicti0 Replies
to drop the ball - einer Verpflichtung nicht nachkommenLast post 23 Oct 10, 20:58
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewUnsolvedquery.php?idThread=863136&idForum=2&lp=ende http://dic18 Replies
to muck something up - etwas total versauenLast post 19 May 12, 11:37
synonym: mess something up He completely mucked up his English exam. see: http://oaadonline…7 Replies
But I can blow the whole thing in one second by doing ‘Whole Lotta Love’ for the encore. - Aber die kann ich innerhalb von einer Sekunde umstimmen, indem ich als Zugabe „Whole Lotta Love“ spiele.Last post 02 Jul 08, 12:51
Led Zep I haven’t been this enthusiastic about music for years and years. It’s incredibly ch…5 Replies
to stuff sth upLast post 22 Apr 09, 13:16
Doctor is proud of his progress, but says he can still stuff it up himself when he goes home…3 Replies
Don't eff up!Last post 22 Jul 08, 14:31
You have been moved to a new table full of donks. Don't eff up! It was in connection with o…2 Replies