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fine adjustment mechanism - die FeineinstellungLast post 08 Jan 08, 12:26
On a 6-screw system such as the one shown here, do the fine adjustment with just one set of …0 Replies
Adjustment knob - BedienungsknopfLast post 21 Sep 05, 08:34
www.generalatomic.com/teil1/Anhang-I-1.html Found in Heinz Richter's Telekosmos-Praktikum T…2 Replies
Adjustment element - EinstellelementLast post 11 Nov 10, 10:57
Einstellelemente sind entsprechend zu positionieren2 Replies
cost of adjustment - Anpassungskosten Last post 26 Feb 08, 11:26
http://books.google.com/books?id=Sr8fVpWeAbwC&printsec=frontcover&hl=de#PPR7,M1 Investition0 Replies
Structural Adjustment Program - StrukturanpassungsprogrammLast post 02 Oct 07, 01:12
wikipedia dt (english in Klammern unter dem deutschen Titel) Nohlen Dieter Hrsg. Lexikon de…0 Replies
AdjustmentLast post 16 May 08, 17:13
Beispielsatz: Neuroticism reflects adjustment versus emotional stability, and measures of ne…1 Replies
adjustment mechanism - VerstellgetriebeLast post 14 Sep 15, 13:21
http://www.sew-eurodrive.com/produkt/A16.htm Cornelsen, Technisches Wörterbuch Adjustment w…4 Replies
Abstimmungsaufwand - adjustment costsLast post 12 Jan 06, 14:02
I'd appreciate any suggestions.6 Replies
Anpassungsmaßnahme - adjustment measureLast post 02 Jul 13, 18:08
Für Kroatien hat die EU von 2014 bis 2020 13,7 Mrd. Euro für Anpassungsmaßnahmen vorgesehen. -4 Replies
adjustment payments - .... ZahlungenLast post 06 Oct 12, 22:14
Of Germany’s 16 states, only 4 make the adjustment payments intended to equalize living cond…6 Replies