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appearance - Erscheinen vor GerichtLast post 15 Sep 14, 10:02
Definition of court appearance: The appearance in person of an individual charged with a cr…4 Replies
Gaensefuesschen: appearance/styleLast post 22 May 08, 21:48
Strictly speaking, does the term Gaensefuesschen originally describe the Latin/French quotat…3 Replies
appearance vs designLast post 09 Jan 16, 10:15
Hello everybody, could you explain me please the difference between noun "appearance and de…4 Replies
appearanceLast post 06 Feb 14, 09:27
Kontext: Back-to-back bookings, giving the appearance of a Saturday night stay to avoid a hi…3 Replies
appearanceLast post 31 Mar 15, 17:43
In der Beschreibung einer Creme steht: For the appearance of youthful-looking and luminous …4 Replies
Appearance/Occurrence of failuresLast post 29 Sep 10, 09:52
Hello everyone!Can someone tell me, if failures (in a failure mode) appear or occur? Or does…8 Replies
visitation - by a ghost - die ErscheinungLast post 12 Jan 08, 14:33
visitation (...) 2 the appearance of a divine or supernatural being. http://www.askoxford.c…0 Replies
appearance and reality - Sein und ScheinLast post 22 Jul 07, 14:46
It's all about appearance and reality Quelle: Collins Globalwörterbuch Englisch Band 22 Replies
cameo appearance - (kurzer) GastauftrittLast post 22 Oct 08, 17:20
http://www.google.com/search?q="cameo+appearance" Wenn einer einen kurzen Gastauftritt in F…4 Replies
äußere Erscheinung - outer appearanceLast post 27 Dec 07, 16:11
beispiel: seine äußere Erscheinung ließ ihn schüchtern und zerbrachlich aussehen . wie gesag…2 Replies