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verb+ blunder Last post 15 Jul 09, 17:24
Do you actually "make" a blunder or do you "run into" blunders/do they "happen" to you? Whic…4 Replies
Blunder thunderLast post 11 Jul 10, 13:48
Aus dem Song "Lilja's Lament" von "Indica": "Stories had been spun, a sea of metaphors were …0 Replies
thud and blunderLast post 18 May 08, 16:41
Wer kann eine passende Übersetzung vom Englischen ins Deutsche geben? Zusammenhang: "In resp…1 Replies
thud and blunderLast post 13 Dec 10, 08:33
Quelle: TIME Magazine Artikel von 1977: "In response to pressure from parents and Congress, …3 Replies
to blunder slightlyLast post 16 Mar 12, 08:37
The capacity to blunder slightly is the real marvel of DNA. Without this special attribute, …10 Replies
German Pepsi Marketing Blunder?Last post 07 Nov 18, 15:54
It is well known that many companies have made mistakes by attempting to market products abr…17 Replies
das Wort "to blunder"Last post 05 Jan 07, 13:40
hallo, "to blunder" heisst "einen fehler machen", aber beinhaltet das wort auch eine konnota…4 Replies
social blunder - gesellschaftlicher FehltrittLast post 11 Jan 16, 20:45
The woman remains silent throughout the whole episode. But that is where her rule-keeping st…3 Replies
"a blinder blander blonder blender blunder"Last post 04 Apr 10, 14:33
Wie würde man das Ende des letzten Satzes im folgenden Zitat übersetzen: >> ‘Connections ne13 Replies
to blunder through it or beg off in humiliationLast post 09 Nov 12, 05:19
You are faced with a classic fight-or-flight situation, and your body reacts accordingly, ev…2 Replies

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