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Orthographically similar words

carder, careen, carer, carper, carter, carver

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to career - schleudernLast post 20 Aug 07, 21:03
to career = v : move headlong at high speed; "The cars careered down the road"; "Th…2 Replies
career dayLast post 11 Sep 12, 10:07
can you come for career day in April? Abschlussfeier?4 Replies
Career DayLast post 07 Mar 18, 09:41
What is the usual expression for such an event? Career Day or Careers Day?Example: CSA G…4 Replies
"career history" - Was angeben?Last post 01 Mar 10, 22:53
Hallo an alle! Ich habe gerade ein Bewerbungsformular für einen Volunteer-Job in England vo…3 Replies
to make one's career - Karriere machenLast post 19 Nov 10, 16:33
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&13 Replies
stellar adj. - player, performance, career, etc. [ifml.] - brilliantLast post 04 Feb 05, 13:28
Rechtschreibfehler. Es gibt kein deutsches Wort "brilliant", es muss "brillant" heißen.1 Replies
new career opportunitiesLast post 27 Apr 09, 10:25
Hallo welcher Satz ist korrekt: I would like to work for Microtronics because I want to acc…1 Replies
Career-life fitLast post 08 Apr 08, 10:46
I need to find a translation for the phrase "career-life fit" as a contrast to the better kn…4 Replies
General Career InquiriesLast post 02 Jun 10, 14:58
"I would like to offer my application. After reading the history and the mission of Nationa…5 Replies
to pursue a careerLast post 23 Dec 08, 18:25
kann man das so sagen? oder gibt es einen anderen/besseren ausdruck?2 Replies